Seaport Transfer Services


We are NOT your usual “taxi company”.  Unlike a normal taxi company we make sure that our vehicles are clean, suitable for the long distances and well maintained. All drivers are appropriately attired and professional. Our vehicles and drivers are licensed with the local authority and insured for hire and reward.

Two days prior to your departure we will make a courtesy call to you to confirm your travel arrangements and give you that peace of mind that the transport is booked. During this call we confirm your address, destination, number of passengers, pick up time and return arrangements. The most important part of the call is to check the return details are correct and assure you that the arrangements are in place.


On the day, we actually always arrive early by approximately 10 minutes to give you peace of mind.

During the journey, the drivers will ensure that you are comfortable and offer as many suitable convenience stops as are required and update you on your anticipated arrival time at the seaport. 

We always supply complimentary mineral water during the journeys. 

During the journey our driver will confirm what the meeting arrangements are for your return, where best to meet and what the meeting board looks like.

When we arrive at the port we are directed into the drop off area by port security. From there porters will take your luggage from the vehicle directly into your cabin. You need to make sure that before you travel you have your luggage labelled with the cruise ship tags for your cabin identification. We will then direct you to the departure desks making sure that you take any hand luggage with you.

On your return due to the uncertain timings of cruise ship disembarkations, we will call you on your mobile phone to confirm that we are outside.

During this call we will discuss with you a suitable time for your collection and a meeting point. This is subject to each individual docks layouts and collection arrangements.

Please contact us for a quotation.